Blue Striped Sperry's with Leather!

When mom saw these shoes she said it made her think of the Bible verse, " His stripes we are healed!" I was thinking about that, and looking closer at the leather on the heel and the shoe strings reminded me how He got the stripes! He took a massive beating just for you and me!

Matthew 5:8 says "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

I heard a message a couple weeks ago at our church and this was the speakers main scripture. The Children's Pastor was the speaker that week. He said, "I'm going to preach simple today!"

He talked about when we can see Jesus, we keep our focus on Him and not on our problems or struggles. He talked about we should see Jesus in our everyday lives, but sometimes we get distracted.

He used a simple illustration as well. He talked about how sometimes we allow stuff to cloud our hearts, and when that happens we can't see clearly. He had clear plastic cups with clear liquid in them and then added different food colorings to change it. One color represented fear, one anger, one envy, and one sadness.

We are all human and we will have days that one or all these things will try and overtake us! Looking at Facebook and watching the news can bring All of these to the forefront!!

In this whole process I am in, I have had to definitely learn to keep my eyes focused on Jesus! I have had to learn to keep my mind fixed on the Word of the Lord and His promises! Do I have bad days, yes I sure do! Somedays, the what if's try to take over. Fear thrives in the what if's!

So everyday is a new day. Every day is an opportunity to see Jesus. He will speak to us in all kinds of different ways. Sometimes it may be through a person, sometimes thru a song, sometimes it may be laughter or a smile. Sometimes it may be a scripture, or that still small voice. Sometimes it may be through a pair of shoes! The stripes and leather on my shoes today are speaking loudly! Those are reminders to me of Gods word that I am healed!

We are all on a journey. Our journey's are all different but we All need Jesus to be by our side! I am so thankful that I have Him on this journey that started last August! He is giving me peace and I know I can trust Him.

I love you guys and I am thankful for every prayer sent up for me! 😘