Red Sperry's

Treatment Day and Scan Day! My scans are stable...meaning there has been no change and this is good!!! So, we carry on and keep believing and leaning on Jesus!! I don't have to figure anything out...I just have to believe and keep speaking God's word over my life. And His word says, Jeremiah 30:17 (NASB)..."For I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds!" His word has all the answers we need!! He is faithful and true! His peace is covering me and it is the peace that passes all understanding!

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I had an ekg today and my "Mustard Seed Faith Friend" was my nurse. She said if she does not wear it she feels "off". I understood what she meant, it (her mustard seed faith necklace) is a reminder of her faith and how powerful it is! Sometimes our faith may be on the quiet side and sometimes it may shout out, just keep sharing it! Listen to that still, small, voice and you will know when and how!

My Happy shoes for the day...

A reminder of the blood of Jesus that covers me, the blood He shed for me! The blood that will Never lose its power! The blood that makes the enemy tremble! The blood that sets us free! The blood that makes us royal and children of the King! I love you guys, thank you for praying, believing, and Thanking God for my miracle!