Happy Shoes Project Story:

Birthed in the heart of Sandi Sammons through her current life process of overcoming colon cancer.  After being diagnosed with Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma (Colon Cancer) August 26, 2015 she began a process of walking out her healing.  Throughout the process of treatment and emersion in the Word of God, her Happy Shoes inspirational post was birthed.  Sandi has always loved nice shoes.  One day while sitting in her treatment chair she was inspired to write by the (Red l and White Leather Tennis Shoes) she was wearing.  She took a picture of them and wrote her first post and captioned it, My Happy Shoes of the Day! This was the beginning of what is now the HAPPY SHOES PROJECT.  We hope you are inspired each day with Hope, Peace, Joy and Strength to put on your HAPPY SHOES and keep walking.

Be watching for more information on the HAPPY SHOES PROJECT where we will give back.  We are in the process of organizing HAPPY SHOES Gift TOTES, that we hope will inspire other Cancer Patients. The HAPPY SHOES TOTES will be filled with a pair of shoes, HAPPY SHOES book compiled of Sandi’s blog posts, CD with songs of HOPE  and other goodies that we pray will inspire others on this journey to put on their HAPPY SHOES and Keep Walking. 

Thank You Friend for your help with this.

Much Love,