Dearest Friends,

Sandi and Keith went for annual physical on Wednesday, September 26, 2015

As a part of the physical process a X-Ray was done which showed some abnormalities to Sandi’s lungs.  After further testing and consulting with several specialist Sandi was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma Colon Cancer with a rare B-Raff Gene Mutation that was spread to the Lungs and Liver and was at a Stage 4 level. 

After weeks of prayer and consultation with family, physicians and spiritual leadership Keith, Sandi and Parker along with Sandi’s Parents decided the best plan of action was first and foremost TRUST GOD IN FAITH TO RESPOND TO HIS WORD IN SANDI’S LIFE!  They then felt the greatest peace in treatment was to go to Sarah Cannon Cancer Research Center in Nashville, Tn.  Sarah Cannon offered the only Trial Treatment for the very rare diagnosis Sandi had received. 

Treatment began on October 5, 2016.  They have continued this process, which consists of Intravenous infusions every two weeks in Nashville and daily pill forms of the treatment at home.  Over the past 7 months we have seen shrinkage of the tumors as well as no additional growth of the tumors in Sandi’s body.  In the words of the Dr. Bendell, Sandi is stable and beating the odds. 

As you can imagine the financial load of medical treatments, travel and medicines are enormous.  Keith and Sandi have good insurance but with any catastrophic medical diagnosis insurance just doesn’t come near covering the medical bill much less any travel expenses incurred in regular trips for treatment.

Many friends and family members have been so very generous to send gifts, which have been helpful during this time. We as family are grateful for your support.  As time moves on, so does treatment and the continued expenses of annual deductibles, co-pays and ongoing medical and travel expenditures.  Your generous gifts continues to help make this walk of faith much more easy for Keith and Sandi to which we all say THANK YOU!

We continue to pray this Prayer over Sandi and ask that you continue to agree with us for the manifestation of her miracle:


She has been diagnosed with this disease and we DENY its ability to exist in her body!


Father God, we join our faith together with Keith and Sandi's faith in the name of Jesus. We do not place our faith in any other experience of anyone except in the experience that Jesus went through at the whipping post on the way to the cross. We know that because of your infinite, complete and unconditional love for your daughter, you want this miracle manifestation for Sandi more than we do. We join our faith together with your love. Father we know that this was a factual report. But we know that your report is the truth. 

We thank you that your truth always supersedes and trumps the facts. Therefore we believe your report above any other report according to Isaiah 53:1. We cancel every other report with your report. Your report shall stand. We curse every cell of cancer in Sandi's body in the name of Jesus. Sandi is redeemed from the curse of cancer.

According to Psalm118:17Sandi will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord in the name of Jesus. Father I thank you that everyone in Sandi's family has the peace of God dwelling richly in their hearts. According to Philippians 4:6–7, I thank you that the peace of, God, which passes all understanding, keeps their hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Thank you Jesus for the one thing that you said you were leaving them, your own peace, according to John 14:27 and 16:33 (AMP) I bind all spirits of anxiety from them in the name of Jesus. 


Thank you father for Sandi's miracle manifestation in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

Darrell Sammons
Keith’s Brother